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Haitian Foundation for Humanity, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to prevent hunger and homelessness by providing emergency assistance, one family at a time.

We began our quest by helping the families that were affected by the devastating earthquake and aftershocks in Haiti in January 2010.

Today, the Haitian Foundation Executive Director, Jean and the disaster relief volunteers (Ti Lepe, Farlaine, Ricky and many others) are working hard at helping families recover from Hurricane IRMA and its aftermath in Guiton Haiti. 


The flooding was just horrendous in Guiton Haiti last night. Families lost their homes, clothing, they've have lost everything.  The crops have been washed away and the livestock has run away.

Hurricane Irma (much bigger than Andrew) is an extremely dangerous category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of up to 185 miles per hour and torrential rain. 


Irma has impacted St Marteen, Antigua, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, Haiti and Bahamas. It continues to tear through the Caribbean and heading for South Florida and the Florida Keys starting Saturday evening.

The storm flooded this part of northeast Haiti and caused at least one national road connecting the north and center pars of the country to be impassable. The city is located in an area prone to both flooding and landslides.

The water has risen and flooded up to a meter high in this poor neighborhood here in Haiti, unfortunately we were unable to enter that area.


Trash and waste out in the flooded streets, if not cleaned up properly will lead to the type of condition that heightens the risk of cholera and other diseases. 


This area doesn’t have any equipment to cleanup and help unblock the roads.


There are no shelters in this area. The impacted families that have flooding in their homes have nowhere to go. These people don’t have cars, or jobs that give them time off, or ready cash to go somewhere. We should not judge them. Life has become less hopeful for the families living in Guiton Haiti.


These families need your help!  


Your donations will help to continue providing food, water and services needed until they can rebuild their lives.

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